Thanksgiving is a Week Away, but I’m Confident with the Roca Labs Regimen

happy_thanksgiving_c_09Thanksgiving is one week away, and normally, I would be eating my heart out; I would be eating everything in sight and blaming it all on the pending “holiday season” which is just an excuse that I’ve created for myself to reduce the guilt of consuming more calories than usual.

Anyway, I’m really excited about this holiday season because I’m using the Roca Labs regimen! With it, I’ll be able to control my eating and keep my cravings under control to ensure I get to the healthy weight goal I’m striving for!

My Weight Drop is Right on Track!

Other than overcoming overeating this Thanksgiving, I have even more excellent news: I’ve dropped another 3 lbs! I’ve now lost a total of 12 lbs (I weigh 217.2 lbs) by using the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO surgery regimen, and I’m very, very happy with my progress. I’ve even noticed a little more muscle tone on my arms and legs, which means my workouts are also working their magic. It feels so good to be getting back in shape!

Additionally, the depression I had been feeling is fading away, right before my eyes. I’ve noticed that I’m happier and in a better mood ever since I started with the procedure. Even my kids have mentioned that they love seeing me this happy and I would agree. With this more positive attitude, I’m no longer eating to suppress my feelings. I sort of forgot that food is supposed to be fuel, not comfort.

I’ll be back after Thanksgiving to let everyone know how my holidays went and where I’ve progressed to! I’ll check-in soon.

See ya!


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is a Week Away, but I’m Confident with the Roca Labs Regimen

  1. Congratulations Jordyn! you are at the right way!!!. Don´t worry, when I feel full I don´t want to eat my prefered food even. I ate my formula , drank lots of water and ate slowly to feel full more quickly.


  2. Hi Jordyn, congratulations on your weight loss success. I lost 30 lbs in 1 month, I avoided sodas and junk food (…soooo hard..), I always exercise even on days that I am not using RL. Well, from 213 lbs, I am now down to 180 lbs.


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