One Month Results After Using the Roca Labs Regimen

I made it through Thanksgiving successfully! Yay! Of course, now I’ve entered full-blown Christmas mode and my kids love it. The tree will be going up tonight!

Last week, I voiced that I was confident about using the Roca Labs regimen during Thanksgiving, and I’m pleased to announce that it was a great success. I hopped on the scale this morning and I weigh 214 lbs! That means that in this first month, I’ve lost a total of 15.2 lbs, which is really awesome. I’m elated to say the least!

MP900321131Future Plans with Roca Labs

Since I have had such good luck with the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery alternative (and I’m full-steam ahead towards my healthy weight goal), I’m going to proceed with the regimen. With these results, I just can’t stop until I go back to my skinny-self. I’ve really enjoyed watching the numbers go down on the scale and exercise has become my go-to stress reliever again.

I’ve even started incorporating my kids into my exercises. For example, I played baseball with my kids yesterday after we ate our Thanksgiving meal and they loved it. Not only was it good exercise for mommy, but it was great bonding time with them.

I hope to keep this rhythm going as the holiday season continues. I’ll update you guys next week!

See ya!


Thanksgiving is a Week Away, but I’m Confident with the Roca Labs Regimen

happy_thanksgiving_c_09Thanksgiving is one week away, and normally, I would be eating my heart out; I would be eating everything in sight and blaming it all on the pending “holiday season” which is just an excuse that I’ve created for myself to reduce the guilt of consuming more calories than usual.

Anyway, I’m really excited about this holiday season because I’m using the Roca Labs regimen! With it, I’ll be able to control my eating and keep my cravings under control to ensure I get to the healthy weight goal I’m striving for!

My Weight Drop is Right on Track!

Other than overcoming overeating this Thanksgiving, I have even more excellent news: I’ve dropped another 3 lbs! I’ve now lost a total of 12 lbs (I weigh 217.2 lbs) by using the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO surgery regimen, and I’m very, very happy with my progress. I’ve even noticed a little more muscle tone on my arms and legs, which means my workouts are also working their magic. It feels so good to be getting back in shape!

Additionally, the depression I had been feeling is fading away, right before my eyes. I’ve noticed that I’m happier and in a better mood ever since I started with the procedure. Even my kids have mentioned that they love seeing me this happy and I would agree. With this more positive attitude, I’m no longer eating to suppress my feelings. I sort of forgot that food is supposed to be fuel, not comfort.

I’ll be back after Thanksgiving to let everyone know how my holidays went and where I’ve progressed to! I’ll check-in soon.

See ya!